Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dumb Deer

After all the trauma of buying a new car (well a new used car), it has had it's first tragedy. Yes, I've only had it for a couple of weeks. I don't even have the permanent plates on it yet. On Monday morning as Jordan and I were driving to the plant, right on the edge of Tooele, a large buck ran into our car. Yes, he hit us. I was watching him dance around in the field and had come almost to a complete stop when he bolted towards the car and hit the passenger side of it smashing his face into the windshield. Jordan who had not seen him was quite surprised. He bounced off the side of the car and took off across the street (too bad somebody else didn't hit him and kill him). Well, he broke the electric mirror off. I am going to try and repair the broken plastic and replace the mirror. If that doesn't work, I've located one at a scrap yard. What a pain!!! I can't believe after all the years of driving through mountains and back roads I get hit by a deer right in town (well on the edge of town). That is really just the luck that I have. The positive side of this is it is an older car so I'm not really devastated. If it had been a new 2008 Subaru I might have felt more emotional (drive that one careful - you know who you are). Jordan is just glad to be alive. That is probably the closets he has ever been to a large buck (he had a big rack on him). Jordan's face and the buck's were only a few inches apart at the time of impact (the stupid deer smeared slime on the windshield). I'm glad that we weren't hurt and the car didn't sustain serious damage. I guess that I am also glad that the deer escaped mostly unscathed. So drive careful and always were your seatbelt....

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