Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Elder Gibby

Jared appears to be enjoying his new area in Cullman. Living with a retired couple is the posh life. He and his comp had a baptism, Matt Southworth, which was exciting for him. From the pictures he looks like a nice young man. I can worry less now that he isn't living across the street from a crack house. We look forward to Wednesdays and Mondays because those are the days we get letters and email. The lady at the post office knows Sherrie now (she mails a package every week faithfully). Jared sent us some pictures which I've included. The first picture is the house he lives in. The second is the Hann's who own the home. The third is Jared with Matt Southworth at his baptism. The last is Elder Batman (they're still 19 year old kids!).

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