Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jared Pictures July 30, 2008

Jared sent some pictures via email today. He must have figured out how to do it with his myldsmail account. I've posted them for anybody to see. We are all sitting around in the family room again exercising on the Wii. It was discouraging because I gained 5 pounds since yesterday (that is what happens when I don't take my water pill - my hands feel like water balloons). At least tomorrow I should lose about 5 pounds (yeah!!). I did 20 minutes exercise tonight. I seem to excel at the Yoga activities (I guess I'm good at exercises where you just stand still), but they do cause me to break out in a sweat. I also got my exercise returning the chairs to the church from Jared's farewell luncheon (it took me a while to get them back). It was getting to where I couldn't get into my garage so I had to get some things out. It is nice to have that done so I don't have to fret about it everytime I open the garage. I think I have my mirror fixed also. I glued it twice but each time it re-broke (is that a word). I finally took it completely apart so that I could apply more structural adhesive. Now I just have to get the replacement mirror. Tonight Sherrie and I watched our So You Think You Can Dance. It is getting to where I don't know who I would vote off. I didn't get to spend my time on the patio tonight. I guess it was probably too hot to to sit out there anyway. Well, again it is way past my bed time. Last night I went to bed too late and slept through my alarm this morning. Jordan knocked on the door at the time we are supposed to leave so we had to exceed the speed limit at times to get to work on time . Tomorrow is Thursday which means that it is almost Friday which is almost the weekend (wishing my life away) Well, until tomorrow ....

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