Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pop Culture Freak

I am starting to see the warning signs that I am becoming a pop culture junkie. I went to an American Idols tour, I watch 2 nights of So You Think You Can Dance each week, and I am anticipating the next season of Survivor. No wonder the laundry room floor isn't tiled, and the cabinets aren't built and I haven't hiked Deseret Peak (well, at least I can blame the snow pack for that one). The 4:30 am alarm is taking its deadly toll on my quality of life. I am relinquishing the things I enjoy (is enjoying tiling and painting sadistic?) for mind numbing, albeit relaxing activities. Oh woe is me.

At any rate, I did enjoy the the show last night. It is getting hard to choose who I want voted off because they are now all so good. I think tonight I will try meshing painting with watching the results show. I should be able to see most of it while painting the kitchen. That way I won't feel so guilty (really I never have felt any guilt pains) while watching the show (but I will feel alot better about the kitchen being painted finally). When I get it all painted I will take a picture and post it so that all you blog cruisers will know that I accomplished it.....

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Kimberly said...

Try being a pop culture junkie when you work among writers--rightfully known for their cultural elitism! It ain't easy.