Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Day - More Snow

I woke up to another inch of fresh snow. Truth be known, I really don't mind the small snows when the roads aren't dangerous. The nice, cold, wet precipitation does wonders for the gardens. I am really getting into echinaceas this year so I am excited to get my new ones planted and find several more exotic varieties (I see the local nursery is starting to stock the racks). Today was a busy day. I had a ton to get done at work, but had to leave early to attend the LEPC in town. After the LEPC I took Jonathan to get his new solo book for school band. He is going to learn a tenor saxophone solo. Then is was off to group piano lesson for Jonathan. Sherrie had to stay late for parent teacher conferences, so I went to Carl's Jr and bought burgers for dinner. It seems we are eating too many burgers as of late. Even the kids had a hard time deciding which fast food place to eat at (they are tired of all of them).

I was able to watch American Idol tonight. I'm not at the point where I have strong opinions about who should go and who should stay. The contestant from Utah, Megan Joy, gave a horrible performance. I think she will be saved, however, by I thought Adam Lambert (who I normally don't care for) and Allison Iraheta were heads and tails above the rest of the candidates.

I had hoped to get at least one of the stair railings mounted. I just didn't get to it. Maybe that will be my project tomorrow night. I always think these projects will last a day or two and in the end they drag on for weeks. I think it is all the unplanned family commitments. No matter what I have planned somebody in the family has an alternative plan, and mine always takes lowest priority (I guess that goes with being a parent). well, if I didn't have a project to look forward to I would feel empty so these projects hanging on for weeks give me a sense of purpose - good.

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