Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jared Update - March 25, 2009

I received the weekly letter from Jared today. He is loving his mission experience in Alabama. He is still in Gadsden and has a new companion this week. Spring is literally in the air in Alabama:

"We are now in the wonderful time of spring. The yellow pollen dust is EVERYWHERE! There are so many beautiful flowers, plants, and growth. It's nice to see the weather continue to warm up. It's been in the high 70's this past week. Today it is raining so it is a little cooler but it's really nice over-all. The humidity is picking up but I'm more used to it now and almost kinda like it. Now when it gets really hot I'm not a fan because then you feel like you are going to die."

Jared was able to meet Gladys Knight:

"Sunday was totally AWESOME. Church went well and after church we went to Sis Meranto's home to eat lunch with Connie our investigator. We then drove down to Bessemer, my first area, to go to the Gladys Knight Fireside. We got there at 2 and were the first people in line. This fireside was pretty much a concert. It was absolutely amazing. She had her choir called the “Saints Unified Voices” from Las Vegas come with her. They did it in the chapel and had the gym completely full with chairs. There were 1000 people in each session. They did 2 on Sat. night and Sun. night. We sat on the third row from the front and so we had great seats. It almost felt like I was in a protestant church because we were clapping and this was some good ole gospel music, plus they had the band too. It was so sweet though. I was able to shake her hand and meet her as well as her husband. Apparently she was in a band back in the day called Gladys Night and the Pipps or something like that. I dont' really know but I'm sure dad does."

I laugh that he doesn't know who Gladys Knight is - only one of the biggest names in modern music. I would have loved to have gone to that concert.

Jared has taken up basketball:

"Yesterday we taught a bunch of referrals again and then we played basketball last night too. We had 6 non members playing basketball with us. It is really fun. I”m not too good at basketball but I guess since I've been playing the past 6 weeks I've improved a lot. They were calling me pterodactyl, like the flying dinosaur, last night because apparently I can jump really high and I rebound the ball almost every time. It's kinda funny. So I guess that's a good thing that I can out jump everyone else even the 6 foot 3 guys. We just have a fun time and it's cool to have the non members there."

I guess he will be able to play with Jonathan when he gets home. Jonathan plays everyday with the neighborhood kids and is getting quite good. We are even thinking about sending him to the BYU basketball camp this summer.

Jared has almost a year under his belt. It really has gone by fast. I can't believe that in a few months we will have two sons out in the mission field. Although I keep fighting the reality, I am getting OLD. Well, this old guy is going to hike Stansbury Peak this summer, even if it kills me (I hope it doesn't). Well, it is late and time to sign off - 5:00 am is going to come really soon.

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