Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Goal

Sherrie and I attended the Second Chance Prom in Idaho Falls in May 2003. What a handsome looking couple. After six years of moving and raising teenagers, we don't quite look the same. Sherrie is still gorgeous, but I've gained some weight. We started back to working out this week. Sherrie did six days at the club and I did five. I actually went while I was down in Cedar City. But I just couldn't get up and go on Saturday morning before driving down there again. The old back will only do so much. I stand on the scales faithfully every morning. I've lost 2 pounds in one week - yipee!! Only 98 more to go.... I might reach my goal weight by the time Jordan gets back from his mission. Of course, I won't be able to afford a new suit until then, so I guess the timing is about right. Sherrie is dropping the pounds and will disappear in a few months if she keeps up this rate. We might even be able to run in a 5K later this year. If we can get to where we look like the picture, we will once again return to Idaho Falls and attend the Prom.
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