Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chinese Food Doesn't Disappoint

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Mom and Dad came up on Saturday for a belated birthday visit with Sarah. Mom made her a doll dress for her American Girl doll. The dress matches the colors in her bedroom. It is a neat thing that the granddaughters have American Girl dolls with clothes that their grandmother made for them. I could tell that Sarah really appreciated it. We decided to go to the local Chinese buffet for lunch. Sherrie and I like to go there quite often and the food is remarkable good. I think everyone enjoyed lunch. Jonathan had to stick with the soft foods. He had his braces adjusted this past week and has had mouth pain. I'm sure glad that I never had to endure braces. He and Sherrie have about a year to go. They should get their braces off about the same time Jared gets home from his mission. After lunch we went to the pet store, "Rock Star Pets". I call it the Tooele zoo. It is fun to go in there. They haven't adopted Ollie yet. He is a beautiful orange tabby with the sweetest disposition. If we could have another cat in the home I would definitely adopt him. Ruby isn't keen on the idea of sharing his lair with other cats. We tried about a year ago with Daisy Mae and it didn't work. We will just be a one cat house until Ruby departs this life.

Ruby was funny when Jordan came home on Friday. Jordan used to be his favorite person. He just scowled at Jordan. You could tell he was not happy with him. I guess he feels that Jordan abandoned him. He really likes Jonathan and Sherrie now. It is so funny to watch him crawl up and sit on Sherrie's lap in the evening. This is the woman who didn't like animals when we got married. I guess I converted her. Now she wants a bunny for the backyard. In spite of my love for animals, I'm not sure I want to take on a rabbit and all of its fertilizer that it produces. We had a rabbit once when we were first married and gave it away after about 2 weeks.

I didn't get my flowers planted yesterday. I staged them for planting, but just ran out of time. This morning we awoke to snow on the ground.

I will take that as Sabbath compliance enforcement. No tilling in Eden on Sunday. It is probably better because I was trying to determine where I wanted to plant them and this will give me more time to evaluate my options.

I spent most of the day working on my stair railing. This is a wood working project that I hope I never have to tackle again (this one project will likely ensure that I will never sell this house and move to another one). Everything has to be cut exact and at odd angles like 39 degrees and 51 degrees. I finished everything except mounting the lag bolts which requires drilling holes at odd angles.
I am starting to think that the old carpet on the stairs didn't look as bad as I remember it. I will finish the railing this week though. We have had several close calls with no railings. Sarah commented on how she didn't realize she used the railing until it wasn't there. Sherrie just about fell last night (I had the railing sitting in place, but not secured so that I could get a measurement) when she grabbed the railing and it started to move. The "Pardon Our Dust" sign is going to be hanging up a lot longer than I originally anticipated.

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