Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jordan's Spring Break Trip

Jordan finally got me his pictures from spring break. It really wasn't an intentional effort on his part, but he was stuck here last night after the road trip mishap. While waiting to leave this morning he remembered the pictures and we copied them off the camera. It looks like they had a good time. He went with his room mate, Matt and Matt's father. I was glad that he could have a nice spring break. He met Matt's family in California. He said they are a big Italian family and Matt's grandfather is like the "Don". They had a blast and really liked the beaches. Sherrie asked him if the girls on the beaches tried to "pick up" on them. Jordan said it was still too cold for the girls to come to the beaches. From his pictures, it looks as if the beaches were sparsely populated. It is so relative. We have a 60 degree day and we are all outside. At 60 in California, they are running to Lowes to buy space heaters. The beaches may be beautiful, but I will stick with the mountains.

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