Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Elder Gibby - Gadsden - March 11, 2009

I received Jared's Wednesday email. He continues to love life in Alabama. He is staying really busy in Gadsden.
A nice picture of an opposum. We had these in our yard in Tennessee. They have a lot of really sharp teeth. Fortunately, they aren't aggressive (i.e., playing possum). One that came up to our slider door in Tennessee was the size of a medium dog.

I guess they are taking the "Onward Christian Soldiers" literally.

As I always say, "It's all genetic."

Jared is excited to have another baptism scheduled. "This past week has been really busy and awesome. We taught some sweet lessons to Phil Friday night and Monday night. We taught him Lesson 3, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the word of wisdom. He is totally excited to be baptized. His baptismal date is scheduled for the 29th of this month."

The Elders started a service project at the local library. They are organizing photographs from the town newspaper to be scanned and put on the internet. The photos are from the 1960's and 1970's. "Thursday we started doing our service project for the library here in Gadsden. They started us on this project sorting photos. Apparently the Gasden Times stores all their old photos here in the library. So the library had us start sorting through all the pictures from the late 60’s and early 70’s so that they can digitize them and put them on the internet for people to have access to them. It’s going to be a long project and will probably take us at least a couple of months since there are about 100,000 pictures. Plus they are all negatives so we have to hold them up to the light. It’s kinda fun to do because we get to see a lot of Gadsden back in the day. I enjoy doing it. The library is really thankful for us to help them do this."

Tuesday night, Jared took a call from a man in Great Britain who has dedicated his life to the downfall of the LDS Church. He apparently spends his time calling missionaries around the world trying to convince them that they are wrong. "He said I was a pretty smart fellow and I wasn’t the typical missionary. Maybe because I didn’t try to bash with him and I wasn’t rude to him, I don’t know. But I just told him what I know. So that was interesting. He has called a bunch of missionaries in our mission."

All-in-all it sounds as if he had an interesting and busy week. I am always excited to hear from his, see his pictures and see the growth that is occurring.

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