Friday, March 27, 2009

Jordan and Cars

I believe that Jordan must carry some car curse with him. Maybe when he was newborn a bad fairy cursed him that he would cause cars to fail. Back at Christmas we had our catastrophe when the Subaru engine failed. Tonight Jordan calls and he and his room mate, Matt, were headed to Logan for the weekend. First call, he and Matt were lost in downtown Salt Lake. With some directions (they weren't too far from the interstate) they were back on their way. A short time later I get a call that they have had a tire failure and are somewhere in South Ogden. They don't have a spare tire (it is flat) and it is later enough that all the tire stores are closed. After some research on the internet I determined that the Villager rim will fit the Infiniti Q45 that they are driving. I go out to get our spare tire off the Villager and somebody has stolen it - great! I guess if this hadn't happened I wouldn't have known that the spare tire from the Villager was gone. So I end up taking a tire off the Villager and put it up on a jack stand. I made it about as far as Stansbury Park when Jordan called back to say they had a change of plans and were going to try and patch the spare tire. He called a while later and let me know that they are on their way back to Tooele and will attempt to go to Logan in the morning. It will be nice to have an unplanned visit with him. I am glad that it was nothing more serious than a tire failure.

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