Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Mish Mash

Sarah went to the Stake Prom Dance. She looked nice enough to have gone to a real prom (that is in April and she will look smashing). Jackson Farnsworth was able to come up and stay for Jordan's birthday. The kids all had a good time. We had a real RISK tournament going on (genetically very competitive). Today we went up to visit my grandmother. She was feeling under the weather, but she got out of bed to visit with us. We had a nice visit and heard about how she had the mumps before high school graduation and then tripped and fell during the graduation ceremony. She said that was one of the most embarrassing moments of her life. While we were there, my Uncle Richard and his wife, Evilyn came by with dinner for grandma. We visited for a few minutes and then made our way back home. Sarah was able to model her prom dress and accessories for her great grandmother. Grandma commented on what a beautiful dress it was. Evilyn thought it was a very modest dress and wanted to know where we bought it as her granddaughter in Denver is going to the prom soon. I continue to make slow progress on my stair and hall hardwood project. I finished the hall floor and placed the baseboards. I need to caulk and paint. I have all the stair treads down and one riser to install. I hope to get the railings on this week. It will take some fancy drilling to get the connecting hardware installed correctly. I haven't done too bad so far. I've only scrapped about $50 worth of oak!
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